Higher Living Organic Ayurvedic Teas

Organic Ayurvedic Tea

This weekend I decided to try out Higher Living herbal teas.

I’m a big fan of drinking herbal teas for the health benefits, namely reducing caffeine consumption and they target specific needs such as helping me to get to sleep, detox or combat my hot flushes. Higher Living teas have an interesting selection to choose from and I must say they have bags of flavour and a great aroma. My son was keen on the Verry Berry and Cinnamon and I thoroughly enjoyed the Ginger Kick and Licorice. Last night  I tried the Evening Tea which has the soothing herbs of lemon balm, fennel, chamomile, lime tree, peppermint and lavender. I slept like a baby. Today I start my detox so I started the day with Purity which has the cleansing milk thistle, dandelion and sage in it. It’s most refreshing!  These teas are organic and are formulated with the Ayurvedic concept.   Ayurvedic means to integrate and balance the body, mind and spirit. One of the key aims of Ayurveda is to help prevent illness and promote wellness with cleansing and healing herbs. 

Higher Living Herbal Teas are on offer 20% off until the end of April 2011.




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